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Gorilla Safari Consultants Ltd, runs safaris and tours through Uganda, Rwanda, Congo and East Africa. We draw our clients close to the wild. We run customized private, individual and group tours with great “Value for Money”. We provide a wide range of tour packages to our clients covering; mountain gorilla treks at Bwindi Forest National Park, Mgahinga National Park, Volcanoes National Park and Virunga National Park in Congo, not forgetting the lowland gorilla hikes at Kahuzi Beiga. We also run several other tourist activities at affordable prices such as; chimpanzees tracking, golden monkeys tracking, Mt hikes to Rwenzori, Nyirgongo in Eastern Congo, Bisoke, Sabyinyo and Karisimbi hikes, Mt Kenya hikes, Mt Kirimanjaro hikes among others. We take care of all your reservations be it accommodations. Gorilla and chimp permits, car hires, Airport transfers, wildlife safaris, luxury/Mid-range/budget safari holidays, honey moons, school tours, volunteering tours, and family vacations to Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Burundi, Tanzania and Congo.


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Kibale Tours provides wide range of Honeymoons, Family travel, Luxury Safaris and Self Drive holidays, African Tours and Safaris at cheap prices.


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We warmly welcome you into our family and our home; to share with you the beauty and magnificence of Uganda and feel the rhythm of Mother Nature and hear the calls of the Wild.We offer intimate riverine camps, rustic, yet sophisticated lodges and architecturally-stunning safari camps. All our properties are simple yet stylish with a great focus on highly personalised experiences.Every guest who stays with us can be assured that all our camps are situated in the very best locations within carefully considered prime game-viewing areas. We provide all our guests with a rich and engaging safari experience through the warm hospitality, and consistent levels of service and guiding that we are known for.In addition to offering you the very best safari experience, your stay with us contributes positively and directly to the local people and nature of Uganda.Our camps are located at Kibale Forest National Park-Home of chimpanzees (Primate Capital of the World), Semliki National Park- Uganda’s birding Haven and snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains and Nguse in the oil region enroute to Murchison falls National Park- World’s Most powerful waterfall.


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Lake Chahafi Resort is an accommodation facility located on the shores of lake Chahafi in south western Uganda, Kisoro district.Located between Mgahinga gorilla national park and Bwindi: the two parks in Uganda famous for Mountain gorilla tracking but Mgahinga offers other activities like Volcano climbing, Golden monkey tracking and Batwa trail. You can comfortably stay at Lake Chahafi Resort and do the activities in the park and combine them with lakeside activities like dug out canoe execursion, boat ride,  birdwatching, village walk at Lake Chahafi. The facility has nine stand alone cabins sold as a single, a double and tripllle. 

WILDTROOPERS SAFARI - Luxury Golf and Wildlife Tours Uganda

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Wildtroopers safari company operates inbound tours to Uganda and Rwanda specializing in Luxury Golf, sport fishing and wildlife safaris. A client can choose from a number of our standard itineraries or request for a tailor made tour as desired. All our tours are private and fully packaged including a highly trained tour guide, Luxury safari vehicles, aircraft charters if desired, medical insurance and so much more. Wildtroopers is a family run company built on passion for sports and travel that aims to show off Uganda to the world.


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Simba Africa Expeditions Ltd is an indigenous and Uganda Safari Company based in Kampala, Uganda’s great Capital, operating in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. We will give you a wide variety of travel options which includes Gorilla tracking Safaris, Chimpanzee trekking, Mountain Hiking, City tours, Birding Safaris, Wildlife adventure, Cultural & Community Expeditions, white water Rafting among others. We have traveled to most of the hotels that we take to our clients and thus we can advice on which one will give you the best value for your money. Our main ultimate and pride is to offer, arrange the best possible memorable trip while you are with Simba Team experienced tour guides and drivers.


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Mukisa Safaris Uganda is a registered travel and destination management company based in the Republic of Uganda. We are reknown for organizing authentic and unique adventure trips in Uganda, Rwanda and the East African Region. Specifically, whereas Uganda and the East African Region is famously known for Gorillas and the Big Five Animals of Africa, Mukisa Safaris operates tours that exceed the usual safaris to trek gorillas and wild game viewing.Our exceptionally designed tours are always novel and executed in the interests of each traveler. We tend to design your mind of a life time safari!! Our long time experience enables us to know where to conduct gorilla trekking, bird watching, game viewing; we know where to conduct other outdoor activities like bungee jumping, water rafting and abseiling; we know where to go hiking, mountain climbing, conduct religious tours and how to get to world heritage sites; we know where the best scenery is for photography, we can get you to the beaches for your honeymoon or for relaxation; while which accommodation is suitable for each traveler’s budget. Many operators may know the above! However, our exception/niche or competitive advantage is that we know how to design clients’ travel packages to exceed the normal/ordinary packages given by other operators. In other words we design we design safaris that tread paths beyond what other operators do. When we get travelers on safari, we ensure that their safaris are guided by experts, that the safaris are private, innovative, and educative, of high quality, tuned to achieving the client’s dream safari and more importantly safe and responsibly executed to ensure sustainability and preservation of the environment. Book with us and get connected to nature! You will enjoy, learn and get positive change!

CHIGO TOURS AFRICA – Uganda Safari, Rwanda Gorilla trekking & Congo Gorilla Tours

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Chigo Tours Africa is a tour company which specializes in tailor made and set departures safaris in East Africa. ChiGo is an acronym for ‘chimpanzees & gorillas’, which represents our specialty – primate tours. But we incorporate our primate safaris with adventure to create experiences that last a lifetime. Our adventure tours take you on a journey into lush green forests, the fascinating history of great apes and primates and experience African wildlife safaris in the wilderness by boat.  Our Uganda Safari tours, Rwanda gorilla trekking tours and Congo gorilla tours  takes you through a journey of how these great apes learnt how to walk on two’s ‘bipedal’ on the great rift valley. If you’re planning to go on safari, beach, honeymoon, adventure, vacation in Africa, Chigo Tours will create a unique, personalized itinerary for you either in luxury, medium comfort or budget options.

Over years we have established tours that give both adventure and learning experiences. If you love learning, exploring nature and experiencing amazing cultures like locals do; our tours & safaris are designed for you.  You will enjoy thrills of primate viewing, chimps and gorilla trekking tours, wildlife safari and bird watching combined with authentic African cultural experiences. Learn how farm life experiences; beer brewing, local coffee processing tours, basket making, tea plantation tours, visiting traditional healing has encouraged natives to conserve and primates.When you travel with Chigo Tours, not only are you creating lifetime memories, but you are helping us create a difference in vulnerable people’s lives. For every tour you book with us, a donation goes to providing educational support to underprivileged children in primary schools near the national parks that we visit. $ 10 goes to buying a computer to expose children to the possibilities of technology and its importance in our daily lives. 


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Welcome to Iconic Travels, we offer budget Gorilla Safaris expertly planned Private Tour in Uganda, Rwanda, Congo managed by our local expert guides in English and other foreign languages. We offer a superb range of short day gorilla tours to longer wildlife safaris so our visitors are sure to find the perfect African safari holiday that’s suits their interests, time frame, and budget. We have the expertise to design safari trips, as we integrate our personal experiences from years of work and relationships creating travelers’ hand-picked bespoke tour packages planned to our knowledge, so they will make your personalized trip extra special.Choose from our daily excursions to mountain hiking tours, gorilla trekking, eco tours, wildlife viewing, walking and nature safaris, biking and cycling tours, Uganda water rafting tours at the Nile, luxury tour packages, camping safaris, Game drives, launch cruises and Air & Balloon Safaris in Uganda, chimpanzee tracking, golden monkey tours, lake Victoria holidays – Iconic Travels offers you the best guide for booking safaris in Uganda, Rwanda, Congo & Kenya. We also offer wide range of Kenya Safaris, we personally select your local guide for their knowledge, experience to offers you a learning adventure and give you an insight into our local authentic culture.Iconic Travel Services’ promise is to give you the adventure of a lifetime! We specialize in “Personalized” and “Tailor-made” adventures to suit your needs and interests no matter how far and wide across the world you want to go!Let us know what gets your heart pumping, and we will do the rest!


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We are a local Tour Operator in existence not only to offer you Authentic Wild African Safaris but also, create social experiences and lasting memories of the great land Africa, its people. We believe in going above-and-beyond because we know it makes all the difference to the moments and memories you'll treasure decades from today. It’s why we don’t sell one-size-fits-all tours or the cheapest deals in town. It’s why we provide 24-hour back up on every single day of your safari at no extra cost.


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Literally translated, ‘‘Amahoro’’ means Peace. It’s not only the name of our company, but also our motto. Our fundamental objective here, at Amahoro Tours, is to promote local tourism that is both responsible and sustainable. We do it with a view to not only contribute to the economic development of the region and the prosperity of all those involved, but also to raise awareness and help visitors to Central Africa and the surrounding regions understand our way of life. Come join us on one of many African tours and enrich your experience with exciting cultural activities in the lush and unspoiled scenic heart of the African continent. Through the years, we have established ourselves as leaders in eco-tourism and community-based tourism in Rwanda. Our customizable tours are designed to provide you with as much interaction with the locals and like-minded visitors as possible, while also enabling you to enjoy nature at its finest. We cooperate with an extensive network of community organizations, international NGOs, and volunteers from the four corners of the world. Most of the activities offered by Amahoro Tours focus on visits to our many partners, such as traditional healers, brick makers, and banana bark weavers. They offer an unforgettable experience that is unique to every visitor. Where possible, visitors can even enjoy hands-on activities and games by participating in cultural activities. We offer Rwanda toursCongo tours and Uganda tours, all of which offer a unique and memorable experience. Amahoro Tours core values are based on sustainability, cultural interaction, environmental and conservation driven model. Join hands with Amahoro Tours, and help us make a difference!


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Naturetrack Expeditions Ltd. is a company formed and run by indigenous Ugandans.

Our staff have worked with the leading tour operators in Uganda and have extensive hands-on knowledge and experience in planning, coordinating and running itineraries. The company was formed with an objective of serving the traveling individuals, especially those who have discerning passion for the wilds of African bush. As a team that has detailed knowledge of the Africa we use this knowledge to design and deliver a memorable safari experience to our clients. We provide excellent and knowledgeable guides who really know and love the country. Not only will you view wildlife, but you also get the kind of wildlife interpretation that leads to a genuine understanding of what you are seeing. Being great travel companions our guides will introduce you to the diverse cultures of the countries you are visiting. Their commitment and love of the country make for a truly extraordinary experience. We offer a full range of tours from Gorilla Tours, Chimpanzee viewing safaris, wildlife tours to cultural adventures. For accommodation, we choose the most comfortable hotels and lodges with delicious meals prepared under clean and carefully controlled conditions. Transportation is aboard comfortable, reliable and spacious 4-wheel drive vehicles with pop-up roofs for maximum game viewing with experienced and courteous driver guides. 

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